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Doughnutmachine accessories

Receiving and drain tray for the fresh donuts

This tray recieves the fresh and hot donuts as they come out of the machine and allowes them to drain and cool before being served.
Receiving and drain tray for the fresh donuts
Siphon pump

Siphon pump*

for safely and conveniently pumping the hot liquid shortening out of the donutmachine. Empties hot oil in minutes without waiting for a cool-down. Insert in fry tank, pump once or twice to start siphon. Made of stainless steel. Weight of pump: 2.3 Kg (5 lbs.).
* without shortening saver can

Premelter Attachment

for preheating and melting of the shortening for the donutmachine. Use with cube (hard) shortenings. Attaches to both SS1200 and 2400 series machines. Aluminum heat plate draws heat from fry tank to melt your hard shortening before you ladle into the automatic tray.
Sanitary Hopper Cover

Sanitary Hopper Cover

offers a cover for the depositor. It keeps dust and other dirt out of the dough. Fits over 1200, 1600, 2400 depositors. 6mm (1/4") clear plexiglass.

Handy Server

Utensil for serving and bagging donuts.
Handy Server

Squeeze Bottle

A quick way to dispense your sugar/cinnamon toppings. Just squirt, shake and collect your money!
Squeeze Bottle
Glassine Bags

Small and large glassine bags

for bagging and serving your donuts. Imprinted with list of ingredients. Holds 12-13 minidonuts per large bag and 6-8 minidonuts per small bag. Packed 2,000 per box.

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