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Orbie doughnut mix

Our special mix for mini donuts or doughnuts


For our Orbie doughtnut mix we use only natural ingredients. We do not use genetically modified produces and therefore have deliberately avoided using soy flour. Only the vanilla flavour is not real vanilla because this would be too expensive. Here we use standard vanilla flavour like the one you use for baking at home.

Orbie donut mix is very efficient. Depending on your sales price, you can achieve revenues between $45 and $60 from one kilogramm doughnut mix.

But quality has its price, and our customers know to value this. Because only if you offer best quality mini donuts you will make good business on a long term.

Donuts, which are made with Orbie doughnut mix, our customers can sell without worries. Our mix is constantly checked for quality. With Orbie doughnut mix, you bake doughnuts and mini donuts of best quality, following an orginal american recipie.

Our doughnut mix is sold in a 15 kilogramm packaging, in which each kilogramm is packed seperately to ensure quality and for your convenience. Minimum commercial order is 30 kilogramms (i.e. two 15kg boxes). Orbie doughnut mix keeps fresh for at least 12 months. When ordering less than 30kg doughnut mix, please ask for conditions.

Preperation: Add approx. 0,54 liters water to 1kg Orbie Donutmix (exact amount depends on local water quality, it may vary from 0,50 to 0,56 liters)

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